Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Year's Eve long range weather forecasts looking good

New Year's Eve Weather Forecasts

The long range weather forecasts for Australian cities on New Year's Eve is looking encouraging for all the outdoor activities that are being planned.  As of 16th December, so far most weather forecasters have not much rain in any of the cities on 31st December.
Here is a summary of what we have found:

31st December - Rain Gauge as of 16th December
  • Melbourne - No rain forecast
  • Sydney - Low chance of rain forecast
  • Brisbane - No rain forecast
  • Gold Coast - No rain forecast
  • Hobart - No rain forecast
  • Perth - Low chance of rain forecast  
  • Canberra - Low chance of rain forecast  
  • Darwin - Low chance of rain forecast  
  • Adelaide - No rain forecast  
So that reads well for heading out to see the fireworks and having a good time where ever you might be.
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