Saturday, 31 October 2015

Only Two months until New Years Eve. Make your NYE a TREAT!

Don't be a Pumpkin this NYE Midnight!

As Halloween ticks past, the 31st October marks exactly two months until New Years Eve.

We don't want to alarm you, but have started to get your plans in place for your NYE yet?  
31st December 2015 will tick around really quickly!

Consider things like what city will you be in? And then will you be attending a private party with friends, a free public event or value add all of that by hitting a themed NYE party at one of the great venues that takes in the fireworks action of the public events.  Do you want to dine, dance or both?  Do you need a family event?

Now is certainly the time to start thinking about NYE if you haven't already.  Because once you settle on the where, then you can look at the how?  Things that then come to mind are, do you need new years eve transport? Or do you need new years eve accommodation?

It really is a super saver if you can get organised with your NYE ideas and plan early.  Make sure you checkout all the events and New Years Eve ideas and then get a shortlist of ideas for  your friends.  Make sure you take into consideration the Early Bird ticket specials for themed NYE parties.  This can save you a lot of money.   And it might be that an all inclusive NYE party helps you and your friends budgets too.  Or is pay for drinks and food as you go better?

Last off ... make sure you think about how you are getting home from the NYE party or maybe book accommodation close by and share that cost with friends.  Some places have apartments and family rooms and these can sell out early.  It really is no great night when at the end of NYE all you are left with is a pumpkin for a ride home!. Make your NYE a treat and not a trick!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

New Years Eve 2015 across 8 Great Cities of Oz

The Great 8 Cities of Oz NYE Spectacular. 

It sounds like something out of a Wizard of Oz preview. But no it's highlighting from a tourism perspective that Australia has Eight Great Cities, each with sensational New Years Eve events.

People pay to see spectacular shows and events all around the world. But on 31st December Australian councils and privateers put on some of the greatest fireworks displays around the world. All for FREE.  You just have to be there!
And of course why wouldn't you be there? It is summer in Australia and generally the December climate on NYE is warm and sunny.  If you want choices on weather then there are differences between places like Darwin and Hobart. As is the Melbourne from Perth.  East and West, North and South of Australia the options are endless.

And the hospitality of Australians is world renowned.  We also have found over years of experience that Hotels do have vacancy over the Christmas New Years Holiday period and so there are affordable options. And from our observations on our days of Miss New Years Eve promotions, you really can't get a better pash on NYE than in Oz. 

And if you want more than to pull up some parkland grass and watch the free show. Yes if you want a spot to sit down and get a drink and maybe served some delicious restaurant food and have a boogie, then Australia has so many great options.  On they have details of NYE events spanning the great country.  In the nations capital Canberra, you can POP the night away with a very special performance in the Albert Hall by the reformed Canberra Pops Orchestra, and step out onto the terrace to see the 9pm and midnight fireworks.   In Melbourne a sensation party by NYE favs, the H2oh crew with Harbourside is down at the Docklands with one of the best viewing areas of the Docklands and City fireworks, just step away from the awesome beats out onto the spacious terrace.   In Hobart there is no better place than NYE on the Pier with fireworks shimmering across the Derwent waters.. And that is just 3 of the awesome events around the Great Oz.

And if you are not staying close to the party then each city of Oz has some great public transport options. Normally each city puts on free trains or buses to make sure the public gets home safely.  And if that is not enough, taxis and share ride and ferries and water taxis are also common.  Go on ... Get Here to Australia for New Years Eve 2015 and party into 2016 with us Aussies!

Monday, 5 October 2015

New Year's Eve is closer than you think!

NYE is closer than you think.

 With the first weekend of October now behind us and the Grand Final Days a memory and with daylight savings kicking in, we are now pretty much in the run to the line for the end of the year.  It sounds crazy doesn't it ... where did 2015 go?

And before you get to the 31st December and say what just happened let's quickly look ahead ...  There will be Octoberfest, horse racing carnivals including the Melbourne Cup, then Christmas parties and Christmas Day. The mad rush of recreation or retail sales on Boxing Day and then low and behold it will be New Years Eve!  

So don't blink party people or you might just miss all the fun and fireworks.  If you're looking to start to plan your New Year's Eve adventure to see our 2015 and welcome in 2016 then make sure you checkout all the events starting to be listed for 31st December 2015 on