Wednesday, 28 December 2016

NYE Concierge checks out Sydney Harbour Escapes

Aboard Morrpheus on NYESydney Harbour Escapes NYE Plans

The NYE Concierge crew are always checking out all the options for New Years around Oz and this month the team has taken a look at the plans for New Year's Eve of Sydney Harbour Escapes.

Aboard Starship on NYE in Sydney
With a massive focus on the Sydney waterways and making sure people enjoy themselves on the water, Sydney Harbour Escapes oversee bookings for an enormous number of boats and charters. Some are ticketed events for individuals, families and groups and some are more upmarket where you can hire the whole boat.

See Tips for NYE with Sydney Harbour Escapes.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

31st December New Year's Eve Weather Updates

Sydney NYE celebrations

Weather Forecast Updates for NYE

It's nearly time to sparkle, pop, laugh, kiss, cuddle, dance, sing, eat and drink in a celebration of the end of 2016.  Around Oz cities and preparing for all the fun! And everyone waits on the details of weather.
Well ... there is good news ... the 7 day forecast is out and it looks good around Oz.

Here is the summary people!
- Hobart - Max 22 degrees
- Canberra - Max 32 degrees
- Darwin - Max 31 degrees
- Perth - Max 28 degrees
- Gold Coast - Max 32 degrees
- Brisbane - Max 28 degrees
- Sydney - Max 27 degrees
- Melbourne - Max 25 degrees

See all your NYE event ideas at

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Early ideas for New Year's Eve transport planning

New Year's Eve limo for Miss NYE

Early Plans of NYE Transport

Arriving fresh for your New Year's Eve party ensures a good start to the last night of the year.  And with many options of NYE transport available there are choices to be made.  Or maybe you won't need transport if you organise your New Year's Eve accommodation and stay where you play (or close by)! 

We've always found that arranging your transport plans early avoids disappointment   We did make one early booking one year for a hummer and then got a late call that they couldn't deliver. But they found us another chariot.  Fresh is the way to arrive! And a hummer is fun and exciting for all the people involved. And remember you can fit quite a few friends in the hummer with you!   So start those NYE party plans and enjoy!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Spring Fun is Here and One more Season until NYE

NYE fun with planning your celebrations

NYE is one Season away

Spring has sprung and that means New Year's Eve is even closer. Yes only Summer now has to begin in Australia on December 1st and we will be in the home run to NYE!

Spring time is an awesome opportunity to start to plan your NYE activities.  Things you could start to talk over with friends are like:
  1. would you all like to go to a party?
  2. would you like to go to another city for New Years?
  3. will you need accommodation so no one has to drive?
  4. does everyone think a party to see the fireworks would be a good idea?
  5. do you all want to eat and dine or just attend a cocktail type NYE party?
  6. what about some sort of theme for a NYE party?
And there are plenty more planning questions for NYE!  The best thing is to put the shades on and get to it.  The New Year's Eve website will assist with events and parties. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

See in the New Year aboard a NYE Party Cruise!

NYE Party Cruise Ideas in Australia

It's only 5 months until NYE and we are filled with ideas to share on ways to celebrate NYE in Oz. If you are coming to Oz or are here for the best party of the year, then planning to get partying aboard a Cruise this NYE should start now. 
Sydney NYE celebrations
NYE Fireworks looking sensational with all the colours reflecting on the water.
For one thing you can get early bird specials before the rush comes. Make sure you check out all the NYE Party Cruise ideas and get ships ahoy this NYE!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Is Wedding Bells this NYE the ultimate New Year's celebration?

New Years Eve wedding party

New Year's Eve Wedding Ideas

Our team has some great venue ideas for a very special NYE wedding celebration this 31st December.   How cool .. seeing out the old life and the old year at the same time!

For lovers planning their NYE marriage our New Year's Eve Weddings is a must!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Australia is gearing up for New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve 2016 Australia planning is underway!

Are you planning for NYE 2016 yet
New Year's Eve 2016 planning is on target!
Planning for NYE 2016 is well underway.  Many cities, venues, parties and restaurants have their planning caps on and things are getting exciting.  With this New Year's 31st December on a Saturday it's bound to be one of the biggest NYE for some time! has updates from around Oz on what the latest party planners are putting in place. Sydney NYE and Melbourne NYE are looking hot at the moment with many events coming onto the list daily.

And with us currently hitting the middle of July and the season of Winter half way thru, many party goers are looking ahead to the NYE parties of Summer months!  Bring on Spring and the countdown to Summer!   

Australia is awesome in the season of Summer and with NYE hitting in the holiday and festive period things are looking great.  Sydney is a favourite tourist destination for international visitors and there is no doubt the Sydney New Year's spectacular is a world event!  But the rest of Australia is pretty super too!  And this year the Perth NYE will see the Perth Cup horse racing run at night to just make for an incredible festival!    So as they say .... it's all happening down under!!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

It's Autumn but New Year's Eve is only 9 months away

New Year's Eve 2016/2017 to be the best?

If you are thinking of hatching some grand fun ideas for next NYE, then it's time to seed the thoughts now!  

Are you starting to get your NYE plans hatched?
YES it's only 9 months until the biggest party of the year on 31st December 2016.  So get your groove on and seed your friends with naughty NYE ideas!

It might be trying to get your friends sorted with a fab party location.  We always say, it's never too early to talk New Years.  It might be reminiscing over previous years or the superb anticipation of the next one!

Darwin is one hot destination for 2016 NYE that should be on the planning books. And if you haven't been to Sydney for NYE then that always needs to be booked early! Perth NYE, Melbourne New Years and NYE Brisbane are crowd favourites too!  Hobart, Canberra and Adelaide are building reputations for quality NYE parties and fun!   And party town, the Gold Coast is starting to kick it for New Years fun with venues selling out early!  The White Party went off on the Gold Coast last year. 

Whatever you do get the NYE plans on the radar for you and your friends.  Big Days indeed!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sydney New Years Eve 2016/17 planning underway

Sydney NYE 2016 / 2017 planning underway

The Sydney NYE just gets bigger and bigger! 

As does the New Years celebrations all over Australia!  New Year's Eve in Oz really is a national celebration that the world looks on with envy! With only just under two months since the roadies and cleaners packed up after a massive NYE, plans are already afoot around the country for seeing out 2016 and welcoming in 2017! 

With Sydney a centre piece of the World NYE tour we are blessed to have this gem! It is thought by the bean counters to agitate around $160million of activity to the local Sydney economy.  We probably think it is more than that given lead and shadow times of international visitors!  Surely, it's got to be heading to a billion dollars nationally! Looking ahead and by February 2016 we can see on our New Year's Eve Sydney site stats that many internationals are already looking to planning their NYE 2016 down under.  Over 18 years now we have been running so we have a fair idea! 

And these plans of international visitors will be supported by a fabulous exchange rate for any travelers wanting to come and party NYE down under!  Whether it is in Sydney, Manly, Bondi or Newcastle...  But visitors should also look to take in Australia's other NYE gems like Melbourne NYE, Perth NYE and one that caught the eye this year ... Brisbane NYE!   Good times!

The promoters and venues around Australia are all busy starting to make plans!  We'll be on it!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Another NYE done and dusted & Another NYE to look forward to!

NYE party Melbourne

Another New Year's Done!

How good was your NYE?  Yes it's January 21 and we have just surfaced after a sensational NYE in Melbourne tasted first hand.  From all reports right around this awesome country Oz was the place to be on 31st December!  Brisbane went off and Sydney bedazzled it's host of international visitors. Hobart was sensational, Darwin incredible, Canberra fun, Adelaide partied, the Gold Coast went nuts and Perth is still partying!

NYE fireworks Melbourne from the skyWhatever you got up to with your NYE friends, it's now time to checkout the myriad of New Years party photos from all the venues around Oz.  Checkout the fun happy snap photos via our NYE Facebook page.  We are certainly loving the memories that these NYE happy snaps bring.  By the photos it would seem the number of fireworks shows out did previous years.
And did you do any NYE Resolutions?  Hoping you have not broken them already!

NYE Resolution I want to go to a good NYE party next yearAnd at this time in January / February and March it's a super idea to just lightly think thru what you might like to do for New Years 2016 / 2017.   With so many events and things to do sold out it is better to be planning early and make sure you get what you want.  And if you went to a lame NYE party then looking forward to NYE 2016 / 2017 is worth all the wait using  Have a great 2016 people!