Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sydney New Years Eve 2016/17 planning underway

Sydney NYE 2016 / 2017 planning underway

The Sydney NYE just gets bigger and bigger! 

As does the New Years celebrations all over Australia!  New Year's Eve in Oz really is a national celebration that the world looks on with envy! With only just under two months since the roadies and cleaners packed up after a massive NYE, plans are already afoot around the country for seeing out 2016 and welcoming in 2017! 

With Sydney a centre piece of the World NYE tour we are blessed to have this gem! It is thought by the bean counters to agitate around $160million of activity to the local Sydney economy.  We probably think it is more than that given lead and shadow times of international visitors!  Surely, it's got to be heading to a billion dollars nationally! Looking ahead and by February 2016 we can see on our New Year's Eve Sydney site stats that many internationals are already looking to planning their NYE 2016 down under.  Over 18 years now we have been running so we have a fair idea! 

And these plans of international visitors will be supported by a fabulous exchange rate for any travelers wanting to come and party NYE down under!  Whether it is in Sydney, Manly, Bondi or Newcastle...  But visitors should also look to take in Australia's other NYE gems like Melbourne NYE, Perth NYE and one that caught the eye this year ... Brisbane NYE!   Good times!

The promoters and venues around Australia are all busy starting to make plans!  We'll be on it!