Thursday, 1 September 2016

Spring Fun is Here and One more Season until NYE

NYE fun with planning your celebrations

NYE is one Season away

Spring has sprung and that means New Year's Eve is even closer. Yes only Summer now has to begin in Australia on December 1st and we will be in the home run to NYE!

Spring time is an awesome opportunity to start to plan your NYE activities.  Things you could start to talk over with friends are like:
  1. would you all like to go to a party?
  2. would you like to go to another city for New Years?
  3. will you need accommodation so no one has to drive?
  4. does everyone think a party to see the fireworks would be a good idea?
  5. do you all want to eat and dine or just attend a cocktail type NYE party?
  6. what about some sort of theme for a NYE party?
And there are plenty more planning questions for NYE!  The best thing is to put the shades on and get to it.  The New Year's Eve website will assist with events and parties. 

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