Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Do you want to save big this New Years Eve?

How to Save on NYE Tickets.

Are you tired of paying top dollar for everything when you go out?  Now especially on New Years Eve when everyone tells you that everything is double the price and drinks and food can be so expensive.  

Your budget starts to blow out as you have to pay for this and pay for that.  And with the festive cheer if you go and buy a round of drinks you sometimes feel like you have to take out a mortgage!  

On a night when it is meant to be about celebrating like a free spirit you may feel like you may have to be Scrooge McDuck.

No fear people.  We have some ideas and solutions for the budget conscious  NYE Party Crew!  When we were at Uni we used to get by on the most meagre of items and the coin had to go into the most important of priorities ... Yes you got it ... The Party!

1/ Early Bird NYE Tickets

So number one is to make sure you see if you can get an Early Bird or First Release New Years Eve ticket.   These are normally for people before the trend.  So you need to set the trend and work out what is the hottest ticket in town!  You can save heaps on the early bird tickets.
Generally early bird tickets start to finish around November.  This may be by a specific date or until a quota.  Some may have already finished.  So a place like Emerson in Melbourne with Sneaky Sound System playing that will sell some tickets at Early Bird price of $85 over the normal price of $120.  Or the Harbourside event in Melbourne with early bird at $130 compared with $140 normal.   

There are some venues that have a sunset date on their NYE Early Bird ticket prices.  Examples of that are European Bier Cafe and Aer Rooftop in Melbourne at $130 before the 14th December.

2/ Group Discount NYE Tickets

The next thing to watch is if you can get a Group discount.  So that means if you have 10 friends that all want to head out on NYE then you should try and negotiate a further discount on the advertised price.  You will be buying the NYE tickets in a bulk lot. So you need to have the dollars to cover whatever the total amount is.  If you can, then do negotiate even if you have to go to the venue yourself.  If they can't move on price then maybe you could ask them to provide you with a booth or a bottle of champers etc.  If you don't ask ...  you will never find out and venues love dealing with groups of party goers!   And if it is a group of girls then even better ... just go and bust through that glass ceiling as in general venues love groups of girls.  LOVE it!

But best to go to the venue and have a chat with a person in charge that can make decisions about your NYE tickets.  Places like Little Red Pocket and Marrakech in Melbourne will be sure to welcome a chat about your NYE.

3/ Booking Fees on NYE Tickets 

Then there are the booking fees.  These can vary greatly in amounts.  From included in the advertised price to an extra that could be $2 or could be $7.50.   Again we feel the best way around these is to talk directly with the venue.  They may sell tickets over the counter.  An easy reality check is the 10 tickets with a $7.50 fee is $75 .... Now that is ridiculous!   An example of an event All Inclusive Ticket Price is at the Hobart Function and Conference Centre. Their $175 ticket price is inclusive of CC fees and booking fees.  Mint!

4/ All Inclusive NYE Packages or Not?

Another thing we like to think about is ... do we head to the party with the all inclusive price that includes platters of food and drinks for X amount of hours?  We do!   But it doesn't work for everyone.   We do because that way you don't need to take your wallet with anything in it.   We do because then you don't have to spend anything above what you paid upfront.  And in general the food packages can be really quite good.  And the drinks well ... sensational has been our experience.   It sometimes pays to fork out that little bit extra and get the VIP or GOLD experience.  Cocktails and less hassle to get to the bar etc.  

For some people that want to watch what they spend then the free entry events like the Mad Hatters NYE party at PJ O'Brien's in Adelaide are going to be the go come 31st December.

We hope these ideas have helped and there is not much more to do than get to it NYE party people!

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